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Angelica Ardi / 거주국가 : 인도네시아(Indonesia)

콘텐츠 요약
This video tells of my adventures and experiences learning Korean. From getting to know Hangeul and even reading books in Korean. I also attended various Korean festivals to study more deeply. Starting from attending a Korean calligraphy workshop at the Annyeong Chukje K-Festival, attending the K-book Exhibition, beyond the Hallyu, celebrating Hangeul day, watching Korean traditional songs and dances, also attending an invitation to a K-Maestro performance from the Korean embassy in Indonesia.

영상 설명
Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome To Ica Kim Channel! This time I will share about my journey to learn Hangeul. Not just learning in class or from books, of course, I promise more tips than daily study habits. Starting from learning Hangeul calligraphy, watching Pansori performances, and even learning directly from a Korean language teacher I will share through this video. This show is in Indonesian but I have made subtitles in English. I hope this video can help those of you who are learning Korean!


(Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture)

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