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The Simplest Alphabet

Wildan Goh / 거주국가 : 인도네시아(Indonesia)

콘텐츠 요약
Hangeul script (한글) is the easiest alphabet to learnt by beginner or non-native speakers like me. Sign language is now available in my video.

영상 설명
For non-native English speakers of English like us, English is difficult due to letter-by-letter spelling mismatches, mispronunciation, spelling errors, and confusion in the English tense. There are tens of thousands of characters in Chinese. Every letter represents one syllable, and you have to memorize tens of thousands of complex and difficult-to-remember characters and it’s hard for us as beginners. Like the Chinese characters, the Japanese characters have tens of thousands of kanji derived from kanji. In the Arabic script, there are 28 different letters (alphabets) in Arabic. One of the most difficult things about Arabic is the cursive, which means the letters of the words are combined, making it a hassle to read Arabic without 'harakat' or vowel marks with complex diacritics. The Cyrillic has 33 letters. That was exhausting to remember diphthongs and vowels in Cyrillic. What is the simplest alphabet with no complex letters, strange pronunciations, strange letters, or long words? In this video, I found the simplest alphabet that is easy for beginners like us to read or even you can learn it for an hour. This is Hangul. Let's jump into my video.

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